Age verification

Why are we verifying your age?
Our products can not be demanded by people under 21 years old. We use Veratad Technologies, LLC, a third-party company, to verify that you are 21 years of age or older.

How does Veratad's Age Verification work?

Veratad's Age and Authentication Solutions Veratad's AgeMatch Age Verification services use multiple trusted sources of data with billions of public records to verify age based on the personal information you provide. This service is specially designed to verify and protect your identity while maintaining the highest level of consumer privacy while online transactions are taking place.

Access to public records allows you to submit a set of multiple-choice questions based on Veratad's own information and, in some cases, historical ("non-wallet") relevant, non-credit based on the nature of your purchase. facts about you.

Is the information I provide secure?

Veratad's secure 256-bit encryption technology ensures that the information you provide online is securely delivered. In addition, Veratad does not store (or sell) your sensitive personal information or share any data with other third parties. This ensures that unauthorized parties will not be able to access sensitive personal information.

What if I can not be verified by Age Verification?

A small percentage of customers may not be able to be verified because the public usage information in age verification databases is limited. If this happens, we'll try to contact you by phone and email to confirm your age. Often, we want a copy of your driver's license or a copy of another official ID document confirming your date of birth.

I live outside Greece Can I be verified?

The use of Veratad's Age Verification is based solely on the Greece records and therefore the identity verification of residents outside of Greece will not be possible.


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