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The following Privacy Policy explains to our customers and other visitors about the types of information we collect, how we use them, and how we protect them. If you have any problems or concerns about this policy, you can contact us at any time.

We will not sell, share or rent your information to anyone other than as described in this Policy.

To better understand the precautions we take to protect you and the information you share with us, please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy. By visiting this website, you agree to the applications described below.

Why will we collect information?
For products that interest you, we collect information about you so you can go quickly to my site and place orders. In the meantime, we gather information so that we can improve your experience on this website. By gathering information, we can offer you time-saving features (such as login and password information) in the ordering process.


We use cookies to gather information from you. Cookies are locally stored pieces of information that are used on your computer by us and by third parties (see Google Analytics below).

We use first-party cookies to determine how you get to my site. A cookie on your site identifies you and keeps track of items in your shopping cart between your visits. We use this information to view bounce rates, consumed content, time spent on the site, shopping / conversion activity, and more.

Cookies never contain credit card information.

Use of Information We Collect

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics and other similar services to track website visit activity both at the aggregate and individual level. We've enabled user identity tracking in Google Analytics. This allows Google to monitor your web activity and online behavior. However, the user ID is still anonymous to us. Google uses this information to personalize your ads for goods and services.

Click here to learn about Google's privacy practices.

You can disable the use of your information by Google Analytics by installing the browser plug-in that is disabled by Google Analytics. Click here to access and use the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

We also use Adobe Analytics and Test & Target to analyze and optimize the performance of our websites. Click here to learn Adobe's privacy policies or disable Adobe Analytics tracking

Our website can use SessionCam for analysis. SessionCam is a product developed by SessionCam LTD. SessionCam can record mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolling, and any text that is written to web site forms. The information collected does not include bank information or any sensitive personal data. Only the "add company name" internal data is collected from the "add company name" website by SessionCam. The information collected is used to improve the usability of our website and is stored and used for collective and statistical reporting.

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